Help with the E-Filing recovery process

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Recover Password

E-mail address field
Enter your e-mail address in the following format: yourname@yourhost.yourdomain. Then click the Recover button.

Recovery Question

Enter your recovery answer
Provide the answer to the recovery question you entered when you first registered your E-Filing profile, and then press Submit. Once you have answered your recovery question correctly, you will be prompted to reset your password./span>

Reset Password

Enter your new password
Your password must be between 8 and 15 characters long and include at least one upper case character (A–Z), one lower case character (a–z), one numerical character (0–9) and one special character (e.g. #&*!%$_). It must not resemble your e-mail address.

Confirm your new password
To confirm your new password, enter the same password as you entered in the Enter your new password field (see above). The Enter your new password and Confirm your new password fields must be an exact match.

For additional help or information, please call (613) 941-2440 or e-mail

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